About Us

It is the goal of Vision Quest to provide outstanding representation, counseling and public relations to a broad spectrum of athletes, coaches, models and media personalities.

With our diverse experience, client-centered focus, and unmatched effort, we can achieve this goal for each and every client we serve. 

About Vision Quest

Vision Quest is a New York-based agency with offices in Columbus, Ohio; Atlanta, Georgia; and Greensboro, North Carolina consisting of:

  • Lawyers and agents with global reach.
  • More than a combined 35+ years in sports and entertainment industries.
  • True understanding of the complexities and legalities of the sports industry. 
  • Strategic partnerships with orthopedic doctors, financial advisors, executives in the fashion and music industry and various nationally recognized corporations.

Our Core Values

Values at the heart of the Vision Quest family. 


At Vision Quest, we provide honest and ethical advisory to help you achieve your dream. 

All About the Client

Our approach focuses on what is best for you, making you our constant priority. We want you to be able to make well-educated decisions that best suit your goals.


Our strategic approach involves a long-term outlook on occurrences both on and off the court/field.


At Vision Quest, we have unmatched client relationships. It is what makes us the best.


Unmatched Work

We want you to succeed, no matter what it takes. Therefore, we guarantee that we will outwork all of our competitors to ensure your success.

Above and Beyond

At Vision Quest, we go above and beyond the agent title to take care of any issues you may face during your journey.